For car owners.

So you would like to participate in a concours d’elegance?

Well, the good news is that there are countless professionals on tap to ensure your motor car is fashioned, freshened up and fettled to look its perfect best on the lawn.

You the owner, on the other hand, are not so fortunate. That is until now.

Mr. Concours is a new consultancy established to oil the wheels of gaining entry to and partaking in concours d’elegance. Independent specialist help for owners.

Everything from helping to prepare a car’s ‘biography’—so that it is presented at its best for selection—to making sure that it is received by the right person, right up to all the logistics of transporting a car anywhere, safely and securely.

But Mr. Concours is also here to offer much more.

Primarily Mr. Concours exists to take care of the people. Ensuring that owner, and guests, get the most out of the experience. Help with all those important little details and the various subtleties of participating at an exclusive car event: where to stay, what to do and when, what to wear, and so on.

Simply, an invaluable insight into how to do concours properly, and in style.

A preeminent international concierge partner is on hand too, for that definitive bespoke travel itinerary.

And, if so required, Mr. Concours will personally accompany you to an event acting as your guide throughout.

Just a few of the many concours events held across the globe. With more announcing by the day…

For concours organisers.

In 2012 Mr. Concours, AKA Jeremy Jackson-Sytner, conceived the ‘royal’ concours at Windsor Castle. An event so spectacular that in its first year it won both Best Concours and a Personal Achievement Award at the Octane International Historic Motoring Awards.

(In one giant leap the UK had a world-class concours to equal the very best.)

Over the last six years, Mr. Concours has had the privilege of travelling the globe visiting remarkable concours events, and in so doing has gained a unique appreciation of the many aspects of running a successful show. The dos. The don’ts.

So as well as assisting car owners to participate in events, Mr. Concours plans to offer his services to organisers of concours d’elegance and premium car shows, both those existing and any that may be in the pipeline.

He comes equipped with a wide range of suitable tools, not least over 30 years experience in creative advertising. Branding and marketing, a key strength.

Also, by reaching out to the ever expanding car community, he will act as an independent conduit attracting owners, then directing them, accordingly, to the appropriate concours curator.

What with the explosion in concours events in recent years, the need to be the best is paramount. Perfect time then, to call in Mr. Concours.

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